Jamie Stratton


My name is Jamie and I have always been involved in Students' Unions since being a student. I have worked in Students' Unions for the last 13 years, first being an activities sabb at Brighton, then being societies and events coordinator and then Student Opportunities manager at Middlesex. I have held two CEO positions at UCASU and then at Union of Kingston Students.

Since October 2021, I have emigrated to Cyprus to be with my family but my love and passion for Students' Unions remains as strong as ever. I am really passionate about ensuring that students' unions are able to have a positive and long lasting effect on the experience of every student at university, just like my SU did all those years ago.

For Coole Insight, I specialise in projects supporting student officers through the officer support programme, as well as providing additional capacity to organisations who need support and on democracy and strategic reviews for organisations.

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