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Scott Farmer


Scott has extensive experience of working in the Students’ Union and broader youth empowerment sectors. A qualified youth and community practitioner he is a skilled coach, and interim leader with extensive training and facilitation skills.

For Coole Insight he works on the Student Officer Support Programme and is currently delivering a strategic planning review exercise for a students’ union and an Interim CE for one of our clients.

Scott first got involved with Students’ Unions at his 6th form college and this continued to University where he was a sabbatical officer for two years at the University of the West of England.

"I felt right at home within the students’ union environment, it gave me so much. A place to fit in, a place where I felt I could truly be myself. I could live my life as an LGBT person and achieved major change within the University with the introduction of anonymous marking, a campaign that reinvigorated a campaign on the national stage as well."

Scott also joined NUS’ Higher Education National Committee and was a Director of NUS Services Ltd, the national purchasing consortium for Students’ Unions.

Passionate about self improvement and development, Scott has been a senior manager within the student movement for over 15 years with 4 periods as an interim Chief Executive. He has also recently set-up and is leading the development of the Association of SU Professionals, a professional association for people working in Students’ Unions.

Outside of Students' Unions, he is the father of two children, an infrequent player for Bristol City Panthers FC and a recent convert to the power and benefits of regularly going to the gym.

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