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Talent Management & Development

A three-point annual support plan for elected office holders, first time managers and volunteers. This package includes three on site visits at the beginning, middle and end of the employee or volunteer performance cycle.


At the end of each on site visit, a set of recommendations will be made for both the individual and the organisation to get the most out of their year, including the development of a work plan following visit 1, and a 360 appraisal at the end of the year.

Coole Insight also provides bespoke workshops and one day induction training for young leaders, trustees and governors.

Networks & Facilitation

An objective and unbiased approach to helping individuals and organisations resolve conflict or issues with their organisational culture. With confidentiality at the heart of this work, Coole Insight will tailor a process and proposal to best meet the needs of the brief following a free initial consultation.


Internal, Local, Regional and National network facilitation. Coole Insight brings a depth of experience when it comes to developing, establishing and delivering the functional aspects of effective networks. Networks are key to ensuring your organisation is not side-lined when it comes to the latest developments, practice and knowledge sharing from within your sector. One key reason that networks fail is because the peers who lead them are often required to do a lot of the heavy lifting and organising in between any face to face meet ups. Coole Insight will take this burden off you in a cost-effective way by facilitating the network at a cheaper rate than the cost of your valuable time to your organisation.

Special Projects & Capacity Building

Coole Insight provide a research and report service to help organisations develop specific, or new special areas of work. This work could range from providing additional management capacity to allow senior managers to focus on new strategic initiatives, to adding the required capacity through Coole Insight to take on or develop the new strategic initiative on behalf of the organisation.


For democratic organisations passing policy is one thing, delivering it in a smart, resourceful and effective way is another. Coole Insight offer a service to review single or multiple policies within democratic organisations and will produce a set of recommended objectives and success measures to ensure the policy area, or areas, are delivered effectively considering the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors. Additionally, Coole Insight can be employed to initiate or take on the project management and delivery of the new area of policy work

Coole Insight Mental Health and Wellbeing Support for Organisations