Student Officer Support Programme

What's Included?
  • 13 sessions per officer (April - June the following year)

  • 10 Sessions per officer (July - June)

  • Monthly Action Learning opportunities for officers to network with other SU's on the programme (July - June) 

  • Independent student officer advice line (Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm)

  • Student officer annual impact tracker​

  • Access to an anonymised monthly insight data dashboard (Includes all data from all students' unions)

  • Mid-year review (January)

  • Tailored student officer 360 review, report, and facilitated feedback session (April-June)

  • Student officer employability, exit strategy and interview preparation support (January-June)


15 Month Programme (April-June) - £4,800 + VAT per students' union

Full Year (all of the above) - £3,750 + VAT per students' union

Half Year (January-June) - £2,500 + VAT per students' union

Wrap Up & Exit (April - June) - £1,500 + VAT per students' union

Pick & Mix - £Quoted on a case by case basis

Individual Officer Support - £Quoted on a case by case basis per hour (£50-£75 + VAT per hour)

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Additional Officer & SU Support Services

Student Officer Induction / Residential Training Packages

  • Coole Insight Support Programme SU rates start at £400 + VAT per day

  • Non Coole Insight Support Programme SU rates start at £500 + VAT per day 

Trustee Induction & Away Day Facilitation 

  • Priced as above

Conflict Resolution & Mediation Services

  • Priced as above

First time CEO / Senior Manager Mentoring

  • £1,500 + VAT for 12 months (Up to 2 hours per month + qualify for Coole Insight's base rate of £400 + VAT per day for other services)

  • £540 + VAT for 6 Sessions 

Organisational Reviews (E.g Strategy / Culture / Officer Role Reviews / Democracy)

  • Fixed day rate of £400 + VAT for Coole Insight Support Programme SU's

  • £500-£600 + VAT Day rate for Non Coole Insight Support Programme SU's

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What Student Officers say...
                               "I am a second-year officer. I would                                                recommend anyone, and everyone gets                                        Steve as a mentor. He is intuitive,                                                  compassionate, wise, and listens to you                                        without judgements. I started having                                            mentoring sessions with Steve at the                                            beginning of lockdown as my students'                                        union felt we needed the extra support.                                      However, Steve has provided me with so                                      much more than helping me through COVID-19. Speaking to Steve I have completely changed my mindset on how I view myself and my potential. Last year I had no idea what I was really doing, what my skills, my values, my motivations, or career goals were. I often felt that I was “just going through the motions,” but Steve has helped me to feel excited about my future. The best part of it is that he hasn’t changed me at all, I’m still the same person I was when we started mentoring, but I’m now the best possible version of myself. I’m not scared of challenges, or failure, or set backs. I see them all part of professional growth. This is how powerful and effective Steve’s sessions are"
Sunday Blake
Exeter Students' Guild
"It’s a pleasure to work with Steve, he is
very understanding, reflective and
supportive in problem-solving. He helped
to give me a greater understanding of
professional and personal values within a
workplace and the staff relationship, as
it’s my first job as a sabbatical officer.
Having Steve as a coach has really helped
me with problem solving and my own
personal development. I would definitely
recommend working with him.”
Ismahan Nur
Vice President Post Graduate Education
Westminster Students' Union
                                      “Wrexham Glyndwr SU sought out 
                                      Steve Coole to assist the elected                                                  Sabbatical Officers in their roles for the                                        2019/20 academic year. This was so                                              that the officers had an external                                                    mentor  that  would help plan out their                                        goals, working load and map out the                                            year ahead. Steve came highly
recommended which was the reason for asking him to come on board. During my contact time I have been able to confidently highlight areas of concern and action these in a positive way through a method that I wouldn’t have used without Steve’s help. As well as this, you can talk to Steve in a causal manner where he offers insight into potential thinking for the future whilst also managing your current expectations. Steve has a large network of people who may be able to offer extra assistance both presently and for your future. Also, part of this service is that Steve is always at the end of the phone should anything crop up and is happy to help outside of the face to face contact time. I was extremely happy with Steve’s help and professionalism.”
Kieran Irwin
Wrexham Glyndwr Students' Union

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