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Interim Capacity

Seamlessly Navigate Change with Tailored Interim Support


At Coole Insight, we understand that change is constant in the dynamic landscape of Higher Education and Students' Unions. To thrive and adapt to these evolving needs, our Interim team is here to offer tailored support when your organisation requires it the most.

Flexible Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Our Interim assignments are highly adaptable, ranging from as short as 1 month to as extensive as 18 months. We offer flexibility with options ranging from 1 to 5 days per week, ensuring that our services remain accessible. Pricing starts at just £150 to £600 +VAT per day, reflecting our commitment to affordability.

Understanding Your Organisation's Context

Before we engage in any interim project, our team thoroughly comprehends your organisation's current position and specific requirements. This understanding forms the foundation of our approach, enabling us to define precise outcomes and targets aligned with your needs.

Experienced Specialists at Your Service

Our team of interim professionals comprises specialists with diverse backgrounds and extensive expertise. Whether you need a Change Director, Interim Chief Executive, Director-level expertise, Manager-level support, or even Coordinator and consultant level assistance, we have the right professionals to meet your requirements.

Expanding Your Network and Collaborative Solutions

In cases where our expertise may not directly align with your needs, we have collaborative partnerships with other organisations and associates. If we can't provide the support you're looking for, we can introduce you to like-minded organisations that may have the solutions you seek. Coole Insight excels in joint initiatives, ensuring comprehensive, holistic support for your organisation's unique challenges and opportunities.

Enhancing Capacity Through Partnership

In partnership with Acreditate Ltd, we extend our capacity-building efforts to your advice service. By leveraging their expertise, we enhance the effectiveness and reach of your advisory functions, providing comprehensive support to your members.

Seamlessly Transition with Interim Solutions


Ensure Continuity with Coole Insight

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