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Here is a little bit more about Coole Insight, who we are, and our approach...

Coole Insight's Founder, Steve, is an experienced senior leader and the former Director of the National Union of Students in Wales. Driven by my values, Steve places collaboration at the centre of his philosophy of getting the right thing done.


His energy comes from working with stakeholders and young people to break down barriers to education and in the fight for social justice. His honest, confident and creative strategic style is backed up by a proven track record in a variety of roles covering:


  • Strategy

  • Programme and project development

  • Generating commercial income

  • Building strong networks

  • Policy delivery on a local, regional, national and international scale

Steve is a skilled trainer, facilitator and consultant who has supported a wide range of organisations, by working with their governing body, trustees, senior management team, practitioners and volunteers. His strong commitment to high quality outcomes and impact has seen the company grow exponentially, and Steve is delighted to be joined and supported by his fellow associate consultants, Jamie Stratton and Scott Farmer.

For a free consultation email steve@cooleinsightltd.co.uk

Steve Coole