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Student Officer Support Programme

Our flagship programme for Students' Union Officers.


The Student Officer Support Programme focuses on regular sessions throughout an officers time in office. These are backed up with a range of additional opportunities to ensure officers have appropriate and relevant support. So far, we have supported over 350 student officers across the first five years of our programme.

We provide bespoke and tailored individual support to officers to provide them with regular support and guidance on a day to day basis. We pride ourselves on being flexible and available for officers, providing them with monthly support and continual access to a direct mentor throughout their time in office. We recognise the challenges that officers face every day and our annual package has been recognised and recommended by Students’ Unions every year. Our core package will also offer support and guidance on officer wellbeing, how to navigate complex challenges within their role and support on how to translate that experience for their next steps post their role.

  • 10 guaranteed 121 sessions, per sabbatical with a dedicated mentor from Coole  Insight  

  • Quarterly check-ins for students’ union staff focused on intelligence sharing and problem solving.

  • Quarterly sounding board for SU staff to come together and reflect the data analysis from across the programme.

  • Access to four events where officers can network with others on the programme, meet to discuss key challenges they may be facing with their peers and hear from industry experts.

  • Access to a confidential and independent student officer advice line (Monday to Friday 9am-6pm) throughout their year in office.

  • Access to an anonymised monthly insight data dashboard, based upon surveys completed by officers on the programme. This allows SU’s to track trends and themes from the programme and use it to make targeted interventions with their own officers.

  • Tailored student officer 360 review, report and facilitated feedback session that is held in February every year.

  • Student officer employability and exit strategy support. This includes support with CV, cover letters, interviews and any areas of discussion that the officer requires for their personalised next steps.

  • Direct connection to other officers on the programme via a dedicated member platform on our website.

  • Exclusive access to Coole Insight Ltd and partners resources via our SOSP and Client Portal.

  • Opportunity for officers on the programme to access pathways to stay in the student movement and access a pathway to become an associate of Coole Insight.

Our Events for 2024/25

August 2024

Onboarding for Officers and Staff (Online)

November 2024

Leading Well (In-Person)

January 2025

Making an Impact (Online)

April 2025

Celebrating Your Success & Making the Most Of Your Future (in-Person)

  • Watch out for the opportunity to win £2k of funding for a research project on a subject of key interest to Coole Insight or win a study trip to ACUI.

  • Subscribing Students' Unions qualify for a discount on other services and projects commissioned with Coole Insight during the year.

Our Team

Steve Coole

Yemi Gbajobi

Jamie Stratton

Zahra Butt

Amy Forrister

Molly Purcell


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