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Training & Development

Empowering Students' Unions, Staff, Officers, Members, and Trustees Through Comprehensive Training


Students' Unions are vibrant communities of activity, driven by the collective efforts of trustees, officers, staff, and members. At Coole Insight, we understand the importance of equipping individuals within your organisation with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in their roles, making collective and individual impact and progress.

In-house Elected Officer Training

The role of a full-time paid student officer is uniquely challenging and rewarding. Our training empowers individuals, regardless of their starting point, to develop crucial leadership mindsets. Through self-reflection, emotional intelligence, and an understanding of students' unions' functions, we prepare officers for their pivotal roles within these dynamic environments and organisations.

Trustee Induction Training

Each year, students' unions welcome numerous new trustees, many of whom may serve for only a brief tenure. Our Trustee Induction Training ensures rapid assimilation of essential knowledge aligned with the Nolan Principles. From single workshops to residential programs, we facilitate a comprehensive understanding of trustee responsibilities ensuring a unified approach for external, officer and student trustees.

Bespoke Workshops

Leveraging over 150 years of collective experience in students' unions, our team offers innovative bespoke workshops tailored to your organisation's needs. From political accountability to organisational values, we craft sessions that address specific challenges and foster growth.

Facilitation Services

Elevate your organisational gatherings with our expert facilitation services. Whether it's staff away days, trustee strategy sessions, or team-building exercises, we create participative, thought-provoking environments that drive meaningful outcomes.

Enhance Your Students' Union Experience with expert training and facilitation from our team of associates. If we don't deliver what you are looking for, we will certainly know who can.


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