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Greenhouse is a strategic, organisational development, and income generation consultancy with considerable experience in the commercial and charity sectors. We have supported numerous students’ unions in their strategic development and commercial opportunities, and have worked closely with the unique and award-winning marketing agency Nina & Co to provide comprehensive commercial and trading reports on business-critical challenges.


Deciding whether to expand and invest in existing commercial ventures, or to withdraw from them can be very challenging for organisations. Attempting to fit the commercial activities with the strategic priorities of a students’ union, or venturing into new trading opportunities, are equally demanding. That’s why many organisations turn to us for objective assessments and clear recommendations to help solve these issues.

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We research student communities rigorously, conduct extensive stakeholder research, and assess a vast array of data and documentation, assimilating this with the latest national trends in key sectors, to develop evidence-based solutions which add value to our clients. We have unrivalled expertise working with students’ unions and their universities.


Jan Sowa in Greenhouse has held four directorships in the leisure and social sectors, including founding and leading a highly successful leisure retail business, while Nina has over 30 years of senior commercial experience in leisure and hospitality. Both have extensive experience of working closely with the diversity of the students’ union sector.


The testimonials for our work with students’ unions are outstanding, including one example: “It is a fantastic piece of work and I am hugely grateful for the time and effort you have clearly put into it. It is testament to your talent, skill and dedication that you have produced such a superb report. I genuinely just wanted to say thank you.”

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