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Insight Reviews

Our reviews are designed to help organisations zoom into specific problems, issues, and/or opportunities. Our reviews cover a range of areas such as:

  • Strategy

  • Organisational Culture

  • Services (Advice, Commercial, Student Opportunities)

  • Whole organisation assessments


We have an extensive list of testimonials for our work in these spaces, and can provide multiple examples upon request.

Facilitation Services

Staff away days, trustee strategy days, team building… our facilitation skills are second to none and we will work directly with you to prepare and create participative, innovative, and thought-provoking spaces to achieve your outcomes.

Conflict Resolution

In a perfect world people and teams would get on seamlessly and would understand each others contribution and needs. We have extensive experience of helping teams and people get over the bumps in the road that comes from working hard for your organisation.

Our conflict resolution approaches can fit teams or specific situations between individuals. 

Student Governor Impact & Development Programme (SGIDP)

Partnering with Aaron Ross Porter Consultancy we deliver an annual package of support to Student Governors across the further and higher education sector, including:

  • Induction training

  • In-year mentoring

  • Review opportunities

Interim Capacity

Struggling to recruit but still need to deliver on targets? Our interim solutions are easy to source, reliable, and of an excellent standard. We can cover periods where capacity is a problem, or even work directly with your teams to upskill them with the necessary knowledge and expertise to improve performance. Whether it’s for a few hours a week to a six-month interim senior post, we have the people to help you and your people!


Our interim support services cover:

  • Chief Executive Officer roles

  • Senior management posts

  • Middle manager posts

  • Specialist areas such as education policy, student opportunities, and membership services


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