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NEW: Mental Health First Aid Training for SU's

  • Are you in a student facing role?

  • Do you regularly come into contact with students?

  • Do you work directly with elected student officers, reps, and leaders?

  • Have you come into contact with colleagues or others in distress in a workplace setting?

If so, we would love to help prepare you for handling situations where you are approached, or come into contact with somebody in need of support.

Our brand new Mental Health First Aid training course is tailored specifically to students' unions and their context, and our first online cohort is taking place on the 10th - 12th June, with further cohorts planned for September and January 2025.

What's involved?

  • 3 day Mental Health First Aid Course delivered by a qualified MHFA trainer and supported by a MHFA Champion.

  • Access to data and SU Sector context from Coole Insight Ltd.

  • Eligibility to the Level 3 Ofqual qualification, internationally recognised (+£95pp)

For more information and to register for the online course please follow this link:

In addition, we offer this training in house, and enquiries should be directed to


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