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It’s Launch Day at Coole Insight!

Updated: May 31

Read on to hear more about:

Student Officer Support Programme 2024/25

Attendees at our April 2024 SOSP event at Keele SU

Following an independent and in-depth external review of the Student Officer Support Programme, we are pleased to now open registration for the 2024/25 cohort. We are making both short-, and longer-term improvements to our flagship programme that has seen many students’ unions return to the programme year after year, a sign of its incredible value for money and the continued impact we have made on student officers, and students’ unions more broadly.

New for 2024/25

  • An online Onboarding Session for both key SU staff and Officers in addition to the onboarding guide that is circulated to participation SU’s. This is to ensure that the purpose of the programme is fully understood across all key stakeholders, especially senior SU staff in terms of what the programme is, and what it isn’t.

  • New city-based location for two in person events. The two in person events will be ‘Leading Well’ in November, and ‘Celebrating Success & Making the Most of Your Future’. Our other event ‘Making an Impact’ that we host with Wonkhe SUs will be online in January.

  • Improved 360 Review appraisal process.

  • Price freeze for a third consecutive year - £3,750 + VAT per students’ union.

  • Improved officer impact tracker with new data sets and analysis.

  • Prior to the Celebrating Success event we will be inviting applications from the whole SU sector where essentially, staff and officers can make a case for why they should be either awarded £2,000 by Coole Insight to run a sector improvement research project, or be invited on a study trip to ACUI Annual Conference in the United States.

  • At the same event, we will also be rewarding student officer performance from the SOSP with 'Honorary Membership' of our online 'Talent Showcase'. This is the next level up from the entry point to this new service that requires an annual, paid for, subscription. Honorary membership is a free, lifetime reward that will be used as part of the criteria for how you can become a future Coole Insight Associate.

To register your interest or to find our more information please email Jamie Stratton, or Steve Coole, or click here.

Student Governor Impact & Development Programme

We are pleased to open registration for our 2024/25 cohort. We run this programme in partnership with Aaron Ross Porter Consulting, and we are keen to keep building this student governor community which has grown steadily year on year since 2019!

To register your interest or to find out more information please email Denza Gonsalves,, or click here.


Summer Training

We still have capacity and space to take further bookings for any additional in-house training capacity you may need over the summer. We run tailored packages for students’ unions covering student officer role and function, personal effectiveness, improving organisational culture (for staff and officers), conflict management, and trustee induction.

For more information or to make a booking please contact Steve Coole directly,

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