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Leeds Beckett SU develop their new strategy!

Updated: May 8

It was nothing short of a pleasure supporting Leeds Beckett Students'​ Union for three days to support the process of developing their next strategy. The three days were so interesting, full of positivity, and creativity that it didn't even feel like work!

This new approach has amazing potential, and could be ground breaking in terms of adopting a new approach to change making in the SU sector, and we will certainly be watching on as an interested supporter as it develops and unfolds.

Thank you so much for the kind words Neil Mackenzie, it was genuinely three of the most enjoyable days of work we have had at Coole Insight since we set up over five years ago.

"Steve helped guide our strategic development session with senior staff and officers to produce genuinely radical thinking. He provided a structured, but flexible scheme of work and allowed all of us to contribute while keeping us on track and ensuring we delivered the outputs we needed. His insight into the student movement in the US was invaluable in challenging and reframing our thinking, breaking us out of orthodoxy and focusing on what works. 

His experience in working with both senior managers and officers allowed him to adapt seamlessly when we added the officers into the conversation supporting them to challenge and develop our thinking. I’m really proud of our new strategy, and Steve was a key part of ensuring we had complete buy in across our leadership team to take it forward."

Good luck to you, Joanne AzamJohn GoodwinJacqui Shortharsh bhatiaDhruv DevSilas OZOYA and Blessing Eniola Odususi with the next steps!

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