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When Steve Met Clair!

If I have ever trained or worked with you on teamwork, conflict management, emotional intelligence or leadership then you may remember a Ted Talk that I use to help demonstrate the transformative power of conflict - ‘The Beauty of Conflict’ by Clair Canfield.

Well I’m delighted to say I have just finished an online meeting with Clair and to say we have some things in common would be an understatement, even though we only spoke for 40 minutes or so. 

I’m really grateful to Clair for giving up part of his morning to speak with me from his base at Utah State University. I’m hoping to host Clair in the UK at some point to show him the type of work that goes on in students’ unions, and potentially be a guest speaker at a future Coole Insight Ltd event. 

Similarly, I’ll be looking at extending my own network in the US by visiting Utah, and spending more time with Clair to find further ways to collaborate and connect.

If you haven’t already, then it’s definitely worth checking out Clair’s work at

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