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Student Officer Support Programme

Our flagship programme for Students' Union Officers with regular sessions throughout their time in office backed up with a range of additional opportunities to ensure they have appropriate and relevant support.

What's included?

  • 13 sessions per officer (April - June the following year.

  • 10 sessions per officer (July - June)

  • Monthly Action Learning Opportunities for officer to network with other SU's on the programme (July - June)

  • Independent student officer advice line (Monday to Friday 9am-6pm)

  • Student Officer annual impact tracker

  • Access to an anonymised monthly insight data dashboard (includes all data from all SU's on the programme)

  • Tailored student officer 360 review, report and facilitated feedback session (can be scheduled between December and June)

  • Student officer employability, exit strategy and interview preparation support (January - July)

Student Officer Induction / Residential Training Packages

  • Coole Insight Support Programme SU rates start at £450 +VAT per day.

  • Non Coole Insight Support Programme SU rates start at £500 +VAT per day


  • 15 Month Programme (April-June) - £4,800 + VAT per Students' Union

  • Full Year - £3,750 + VAT per Students' Union

  • Half Year (January - June) - £2,500+ VAT per Students' Union

  • Wrap Up & Exit (April - June) - £1,500 + VAT per Students' Union 

  • Pick & Mix - Quoted on a case by case basis.

  • Individual Officer Support - Quoted on a case by case basis per hour (£55-£80 +VAT per hour)

What Student Officers say...

All Hands In
Liv Harvey_edited.jpg

Liv Harvey, Vice-President Activities 2019-2021, Exeter Students' Guild

I was lucky enough to be mentored by Steve and I can honestly say our mentoring sessions were the highlight of my month. Whether I needed career advice, guidance on a specific project or a general vent about how I was feeling, Steve always gave me honest and useful advice. I  massively grew in confidence in the role and I owe a lot of that to Steve, he was so incredibly encouraging and supportive.


I also knew that if a work crisis arose and our next session wasn't for a while, I could drop him an email and would get a quick response where he would go above and beyond to help me. Whether I was faced with a problem or had a moment of self-doubt, I often found myself thinking 'what would Steve say?' and that's definitely a sign of a great mentor"