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Jack Medlin

What I work on...

Higher Education Policy
Independent Higher Education

My Story

Jack is a graduate of the Officer Support Programme who is excited to join the Coole Insight associate team helping to provide support in exciting new partnerships in the Independent Higher Education sector; providing interim support to SUs; and exploring possible further ways we can support organisations. He has experience supporting on regulation, governance, and quality in a national context, sitting on advisory committees for sector bodies such as the QAA, and having most recently been a member of the TEF 2023 panel.

Jack is currently studying on a North West Social Science Doctoral Training Programme, completing a Masters in Social Science Research Methods, and moving onto a PhD looking at the impact of TEF and REF on student outcomes. This makes him particularly suited to support your organisation on any research or insights projects.

Jack is a first hand example of how the SOSP can empower officers, helping them feel confident in their roles and aiding them to take a leap forward in representing students both locally and nationally.

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